What makes sliding doors slide like a dream? Rollers. Well, sliding door rollers, wheels, and ball bearings.

Sliding door rollers are typically made of plastic or steel and fit inside a metal casing. Like everything else in life, sometimes they stop functioning properly and need a little bit of care.

When it comes to sliding doors in Miami, Palm Beach or Broward Counties you can’t wait around for days until someone comes to fix your door. And it’s not just about convenience; it’s about safety. A door that doesn’t open and close properly is easier to break into.

You should not attempt to perform sliding door repairs on your own. The job is much more difficult than it seems at first. The sliding door actually requires the roller repair requires the removal of the door from its tracks, and those are heavy. Sliding doors are extremely heavy and may fall and shatter, exposing you and your family to broken glass.

While you may be tempted to replace your rollers yourself, sliding door roller repair and replacement is a quick job for the pros. Expert technicians arrive on site and perform a full assessment to uncover any other potential problems hindering the function of your door.

Dysfunctional sliding door rollers often go hand in hand with track misalignment or obstructions that result in a jammed door.

We’ll perform on site by our team of professionals – all are licensed and insured, and possess the latest knowledgeable on sliding door technology.

Whether it’s a simple roller replacement or a full-on door install, there is no sliding door job too big or too small. Whatever you need, we’re here with the Local Sliding Door Repair guarantee: great service, great prices, and fast service that can’t be beat.


Key Benefit of Service

Whether you require simply sliding door maintenance or a have any parts replaced, call our group of qualified and talented handymen. We take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated technicians.

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